Letter to my clients

I always appreciate the time, effort and courage that it takes to make that first call and to set up the appointment. I would like you to read this letter at your leisure so that you may have a better understanding as to how I run Corporate Dating and what opportunity I am offering you, as a client.

The reason that each and every one of you, come to see me, is for EXACTLY the same reason. It is just so difficult for one to meet someone of THE SAME CALIBRE! That is exactly what the interview is about! I spend an enormous amount of time away from home and have huge airfares, 5 star hotel bills and advertising costs, in order to attract the right type of person for you to meet. Unfortunately, dating facilities have an extremely negative connotation! And I will outline a few reasons WHY they are not successful and why CORPORATE DATING has been the premier dating service, since I opened my doors 11 years ago.

Most dating facilities think that by putting people together who enjoy the same interests and hobbies, will ensure �a match’.


If you think about it logically, if this was the case, it would be sooo easy to find a mate! If one were a golfer, one would just have to pop down to the golf course and find one! If one enjoyed wildlife, the ideal partner would be found running a game lodge or be a conservation expert and so we would all be running around the country at the weekend booking into every available game lodge to find a hunky game ranger, or wildlife photographer. Do you notice that Tiger Woods, nor Ernie Els married golfers?


This is not possible! The reason being, the complexity of the human being and its emotional makeup and imprinting. And by that I mean ones upbringing. One is attracted to someone, whom one feels comfortable with, and this you will feel in the first 90 seconds of meeting with someone. That explains why you are not friendly with ALL the males in the world, if you are a male and why if you are a female, you are not friendly with each and every female that you meet. NO! it is NOT because you have something in common with him/her, as all of our friends are different! It is because when we meet up with them, they make us feel good inside. Therefore the facility that I provide you with, is exactly the opportunity that you are so desires of.

The opportunity to go out and enjoy dating at its best! You too can enjoy the friendship, and fun whether it be going to meet with a farmer on his wine farm for lunch, enjoy a drink at Radisson’s, a walk on the beach, skiing in Europe, learning about fine whiskeys, 17th century literature, gyro-copting down the Franschoek valley, help renovate a cottage in the South of France during the summer months, the same as my clients have been able to. Neither I, nor anyone else on this planet is able to find you, ‘a perfect match’ with the snap of a finger or for a king’s ransom.

The only way that you are EVER going to find someone, is by making an effort! This is something akin to your University degree, your driver’s licence or whatever sport or hobby that you are proficient in. The effort that you need to make, is to go out on AT LEAST 17-30 dates before you find someone that you feel that old fashioned magic with!

This requires time, patience and effort BUT the benefits of dating like this are ENORMOUS! So, if you would like to become a member, I would like you to represent me in the best possible way. My existing client base are NOT counsellors! So they would be VERY unhappy if you were to meet them for a coffee date and start telling them all your woes or boring, boring, tell them how hard it is to meet someone nowadays! They already know! What they would like, is to meet someone, charming , polite, intelligent and most of all pleasant company. It is only for 20mins!

The people on my books who have the most fun and find partners the quickest, are the ones who are invited out again, to company functions, rugby boxes, weddings etc. just as a partner and an enormous amount of people have been able to expand their social circle and therefore find a partner. It just takes a little effort!

Aren’t you worth it?

Good things in life, always happen to those who are prepared to take a calculated risk!


How My System Works


I would like to give each and every one of you the opportunity to meet someone special.

So, for your joining fee you are able to stay on my database, UNTIL YOU MEET SOMEONE SPECIAL.

I do not charge an annual fee as some people meet a partner, within the first few meetings and some people have taken up to 7 years before finding a long term partner and getting engaged i.e. they certainly dated and went out to many live shows, restaurants, braais etc. but didn’t enter into anything long term. I try to be fair to all, so I will let you stay on my database until I am not able to use you in the system. (That is, if you meet someone through me, or if you happen to meet someone on your own, it means effectively you become ‘dead stock (if you will excuse the phrase!))

I am happy for you to date exclusively for four months to see if the relationship is going to work out. After four months, I will call you to see whether or not you want to be put back into the system or whether you still wish to pursue your relationship. If you want to stay in your relationship, I will delete you PERMANENTLY from my system, and if you ever wish to rejoin, you will then have to start all over again and come in for an interview and rejoin at the current joining fee.

This is to eliminate ‘serial dating’, and people who are not able to sustain a long-term relationship. If you wish to join up, each and every one of my clients is able to choose the type of person that they wish to meet. e.g. Religious persuasions, ethnic backgrounds etc.

As a female, I would introduce you to someone your age, to 15 years older and taller than yourself. Likewise, if you were a male, I would introduce you to someone 6-15 years younger than yourself. This is of course at my discretion. I give a list to each and everyone of you to start off with and generally you would meet about 16 people per year through me, if not more, and in the older client bracket obviously this figure is not possible.

I suggest a simple coffee date so that it will not be traumatic if you find that you have absolutely nothing in common. This will of course be extremely rare. You will be a difficult person indeed, if you do not have something to contribute or learn, from a 20min coffee date. The only reason that you will not feel that you have something in common with someone is the chemistry factor. There is nothing that I am able to do about that!

Everyone on this Earth is attracted to someone that resembles some factor from his or her upbringing and imprinting. That is the feeling of kinship or being comfortable with someone because there is a feeling of recognition in the way they speak, move, smell and look.

It is patently obvious when one sees the couples that have met through me. They have the same eyebrow shape, top lip, forehead shape, skin colouring, etc. in common. I.e. not that they are carbon copies of each other but have one or more features in common, like nose shape, eye colouring etc.

Just a little note:

There are VERY FEW people over the age of forty that don’t tell me on the first phone call that EVERYONE, thinks they look 10 years younger!!! It is AMAZING! The truly, drop dead gorgeous, people who join up, don’t say a thing!

I want you to all have a reality check! We are ALL looking 10 years younger nowadays because we lead healthier lifestyles and we are able to dress in a younger way without looking ridiculous. But we do start to show signs of ageing! Men start to sprout nasal hair, bushy eyebrows and ear hairs that their younger counter parts don’t have! They feel younger within but still develop older habits, such as taste in music and not enjoying loud music in coffee shops etc.

Women on the other hand, develop lines above their lips, deeper lines around their eyes, grey re-growth, their necks age, and the lines from their nose to their mouth deepen. Many women come to me and tell me that they have had a relationship with younger men and they can’t bear to be with an older man. Did their relationship last? NO!

Men also come to me saying that they are simply not attracted to women in their age bracket. Well my clients soon give them a reality check as well! On the odd occasion, I have sent out men with girls 15 or so years younger and the girls come back saying, Fiona, I had a really enjoyable evening with ??? and he is a sweet man but I felt as if I were out with my father!


ALL my clients above the age of 40 are AGE PHOBIC! So I strongly suggest that you CANNOT be the only person on this planet who looks good for their age! I would rather team you up with someone who IS great looking for their age and the two of you will have so much more in common! i.e. taste in music, shared memories, habits etc.

When a man wants to date someone 20 years younger than themselves, please note that you are NOT dating an orphan! She will have girlfriends who have husbands or boyfriends 20 years younger than yourself and they will consider you a father figure’. They listen to different music have different taste and abilities in the sporting arena and dress differently.

I do NOT have couch potatoes, or doddery old folk on my books, so please don’t think that even if a male client is 68 that he hasn’t just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro or that if you meet a 70yr old through me, that he doesn’t still enjoy walking up Table Mountain and kayaking.