Indemnity Form


I do hereby indemnify and hold FIONA MARGARET DORSE harmless against any claim/s (whether civil or criminal) arising from my introduction by her to the other members of dating agency which she conducts under the style of


The aforesaid indemnity shall, without derogating from the generality of the a foregoing, be deemed to hold FIONA MARGARET DORSE harmless against all actions (civil or criminal), claims, demands, costs and expenses of whatsoever kind and nature.

I specifically acknowledge that I have not relied upon any representations made by the said FIONA MARGARET DORSE (or any other staff of CORPORATE DATING) in employing the services of CORPORATE DATING.

I further acknowledge that due to the sensitive and personal nature of the business that CORPORATE DATING cannot furnish me with any guarantee that a successful or fruitful, or in fact, any relationship at all will result from such introduction/s made on by behalf by the said CORPORATE DATING to any members.