Meet Fiona


Thank You for logging onto my website. I presume that the reason you are reading this is because you despair of ever meeting someone special or your soul mate. Don’t despair there ARE really great singles out there! Your reason for joining an organization like mine, would be just the same as all the rest of my clients:

  • Their friends and family have not been able to introduce them to someone special or suitable
  • It is extremely awkward / unprofessional to date ones work colleagues or clients
  • You have joined a gym but no one talks to you
  • If you have been brave enough to go to a club or pub, you find that the wrong people approach you, or you won’t approach the right sort of people for fear of rejection. (More about that in my book, ALONE WHY??? (available on Amazon) which will illuminate “ Why you are you single when you have everything to offer?” and “Why you were ‘rejected'” and “Dating Problems, Questions and Answers”
  • Females are reluctant to go out by themselves after dark and are afraid of returning home to a darkened and unoccupied house
  • My clients join me with the utmost confidence knowing that I am the undisputed Leader in the South African Dating Scene, for the past 23 years and held in the highest regard by the media because I offer the service that one would expect from a premier dating service,