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Thank You for logging onto my website. I presume that the reason you are reading this is because you despair of ever meeting someone special or your soul mate. Don’t despair there ARE really great singles out there! Your reason for joining an organization like mine, would be just the same as all the rest of my clients:

  • Their friends and family have not been able to introduce them to someone special or suitable
  • It is extremely awkward / unprofessional to date ones work colleagues or clients
  • You have joined a gym but no one talks to you
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LETTER TO MY CLIENTS & How My System Works
I always appreciate the time, effort and courage that it takes to make that first call and to set up the appointment. I would like you to read this letter at your leisure so that you may have a better understanding as to how I run Corporate Dating and what opportunity I am offering you, as a client.

The reason that each and every one of you, come to see me, is for EXACTLY the same reason. It is just so difficult for one to meet someone of THE SAME CALIBRE! That is exactly what the interview is about! I spend an enormous amount of time away from home and have huge airfares, 5 star hotel bills and advertising costs, in order to attract the right type of person for you to meet. Unfortunately, dating facilities have an extremely negative connotation! And I will outline a few reasons WHY they are not successful and why CORPORATE DATING has been the premier dating service, since I opened my doors 11 years ago.

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I am also the proud author of:
which may just be something that you should read before embarking on a new dating regime! I was asked to write this book by my clients as I have picked up an enormous amount of knowledge on the dating world
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    11 Years of love

    We are very well thanks. Celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary on the 28th November. That is how long ago since we were introduced to each other through you.

    Tracy & Klaus